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Income Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services


The following forms may be useful in gathering information:

Tax Refund Status

Pay Taxes

Payroll Services


The tax issues associated with payroll, if not dealt with properly, can quickly become the undoing of just about any business. With years of experience and friendly, accessible staff we want to help you by removing this burden from your shoulders.

Please contact us with questions or to sign up for this service.

Information on Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

Employers' Guide to Workers Compensation in Utah

​Download Tax/Payroll Forms

Useful, interactive tools to help determine eligibility for certain deductions, credits, etc.
Other Services


Business Entity Creation / Consultation Services

The complexities of starting a new business are not always apparent in the beginning. We have had the opportunity to assist hundreds of entrepreneurs set up a business entity that not only helps provide a barrier for personal liability but often allows for certain tax advantages.

Financial Services

Financial planning, especially that of retirement planning is almost inseparable from tax planning.


Bookkeeping Services

The cost of employing a professional bookkeeper is often greater than most small businesses are willing to pay.  So what usually happens is the owner of the business spends countless hours trying to either get caught up or stay on top of the bookkeeping.  Another possibility is hiring a $10/hour bookkeeper that sometimes can do more damage than good.  Talk to us about the advantages of outsourcing this critical but sometimes unpleasant task.  You may be surprised at how comparably affordable it can be.

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